Do you work at home a lot? Check out these 6 tips for Hustlers!

In the corona crisis, many entrepreneurs work from home. Where do you work: in the office, or also at home? Here you can read 6 tips for working at home!

5 min readApr 5, 2022
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Many Hustlers like to work from home every now and then. It’s great to have that freedom now and then. But since the corona crisis, for many it’s the only option, and then suddenly it’s a lot less nice to work at home. The trip to your favorite coffee shop or co-working space was quite nice. Here are 6 tips to make working at home more comfortable.

Your workplace

An easy one, make sure you have a good workstation. To be able to work productively at home, it is incredibly important to have a good workspace. Especially for the Hustlers who spend a lot of time behind their laptops or computers it is important to check whether you have a good workplace at home. This means that your desk is at a good height, you have a good office chair and possibly an external mouse, keyboard and screen to improve your posture.

Furthermore, everyone has their own preferences. One person likes to work in the dark, while the other benefits from lots of daylight. Some like to have a lot of stuff like photo frames, plants or posters on and around the workstation while others prefer to keep it as minimalist as possible. It is good to know these things about yourself. And if you know this, make sure that your workplace meets these requirements, it is really worth the small investment. You will benefit from it every day!

Work vs. Private

Now that you are only working at home, there is no longer a hard line between “at work” and “not at work. Still, it’s good to make a clear distinction here, for yourself and for your roommates, your partner or your family.

It is good to find a balance here. This balance is also different for everyone. Some people prefer to really work between certain times and some people know how to combine this with, for example, housework. There is no right or wrong, as long as it suits you.

Just be careful not to get lost in your work. Now that you are no longer on the way to the office or home, it is sometimes tempting to go on for an extra hour or to crawl straight out of bed into your pajamas at your computer. But don’t forget that ‘waking up quietly’ also has its advantages.

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Structure helps

For many, structure and rhythm in your day is important, and contributes to your productivity. Do you know of yourself that you like this? Then set up a number of homework rules, for example. It could be that you make sure that you sit at your desk at 9:00 a.m. on time with a cup of coffee in your jeans, but it could also be that you agree with your partner or housemate to have lunch together every day. Check what works for you and feel free to experiment for a while. Once you’ve figured it out, you can add a structure to your workday that works for you.

Stay healthy

It could be that because you work at home you move a lot less in a day. For example, you no longer have to cycle to work, run to catch the train or simply because the toilet is a lot closer. Getting enough exercise is important, really!

Make sure you get enough exercise on a work-at-home day as well. Take an extra walk with the dog for example, or eat your lunch in the park around the corner instead of at your desk. You can also set your Fitbit or smartwatch to notify you every hour (or two) that you need to get up and take a few steps.

Exercise is also important, of course, but the point here is precisely to get out of your work posture for a while to boost your circulation. This simply provides extra oxygen to your brain and that, in turn, is important for staying productive throughout your workday.

Tip: Drink plenty of water, this will also keep you sharp!

Accept and let go

Sometimes things just don’t work out, or you’re simply fed up with all that sitting at home. However nice working from home can be, everyone has that!

It can be anything, you miss your colleagues and their jokes, the neighbor’s kids have been fighting all day, the internet is slow, or the sun has been shining on your office all day and therefore it is +30 degrees inside… These are all factors that can bother you at home, but you simply cannot do anything about them. Except accept them.

As difficult as that can be, sometimes accepting the problems is the only thing you can do. By accepting them, you can let go and hopefully get back to focusing on your work itself.

Enjoy it!

Working from home also has its advantages, it’s okay to take advantage of them. Do they normally only play jazz & soul at your workplace? At home you just put on your own favorite Spotify playlist and you can sing along to your favorite classics.

Are you a coffee lover and do they only serve weak coffee at your workplace? At home you can sometimes take the time to make your own delicious slow coffee (tip!) with your favorite coffee beans.

There are really many advantages to working from home, enjoy them!

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