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It’s time for a new lifestyle blog! And what is better than some tips to develop your creativity, inspiration and some more relaxation in your life? I explain why watching series/docusses can’t be missed in your life and what we recommend you to watch. Not really a series/film/docu watcher? Don’t worry, we will also give you some tips and alternatives. No reason not to continue reading!

Why do series and docu’s help?

Series and documentaries are perfect resources for the curious movie buff. Their popularity comes from the extent to which people like to search for information. They have a need to process information through current affairs as a change from all the entertainment. And so that is exactly why series and documentaries are so perfect. Mainly in documentaries, there is a lot of room for information and the viewer is also focused on seeking this kind of knowledge.

From series and documentaries, people want to look for more knowledge and experience in a light-hearted way. In addition, it helps tremendously if it’s a bit of bingewatch material. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to watch series and documentaries in a nice way while remaining exciting at the same time?

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Because something is nice to watch, you create more space for relaxation. Just like reading and watching movies, it takes you to a completely different environment so you won’t think about anything else for a while. As a result, you won’t be thinking about all the stress or problems you’re dealing with at the time.

Finally, series and documentaries stimulate your level of creativity and inspiration. The amount of information, different perspectives and storylines give you a broader view of the outside world. So it may be that you produce new ideas more easily. It also helps you to work in an innovative way: taking action becomes your new best friend.

Tip: Netflix offers movies, series and documentaries that are very much of our time!

HUSTL documentary tips

The Social Dilemma

Many of us are becoming more and more dependent on social media. But what are the consequences and consequences of all these developments? You get a glimpse of how social media continues to develop and try to manipulate you, as it were, as our desire for connection begins to increase.

Making Good Money

There is a growing criticism of shareholder capitalism. Since the Corona crisis there has been a lot of fuss about this. This documentary shows how new models are being experimented with so that companies can finally make a positive contribution to society and the planet. What will be the future of business?

A Life on Our Planet

Nature researcher David Attenborough talks about the greatest challenges our planet has faced, shows the impact of humans on our planet and demonstrates the global loss of nature. In doing so, he tries to convey a powerful message and provides solutions to save our planet.

Inside Bill’s Brain

Always been curious about Bill Gates? We have too! In this three-part documentary you will find out the life story of entrepreneur Bill as he comes up with original solutions to solve the problems of our world. We would definitely recommend this documentary!

American Factory

Documentary American Factory shows how a Chinese billionaire reopened a factory in Ohio and hired two thousand workers. In the process, many setbacks take place. This documentary gives us a look at how the globalized world works.

Tips and alternatives

Watch trailers

My tip to you is to aaaaalways watch trailers. This gives me an immediate idea of what to expect and I can still drop out if something doesn’t convince me. This also prevents disappointment or a waste of time. By watching trailers you can hardly go wrong with choosing the right series and documentaries.

Take breaks

It’s no mean feat to watch hours of series and documentaries. Make sure you do this in moderation. At a certain point your concentration may be depleted and you may no longer be able to absorb all the information that is thrown at you. It is important to make it manageable. So take a walk or eat before you continue.

Check reviews

It’s always good to check beforehand if something is worth checking out. I look up some information for almost everything: when making a purchase, before watching a movie and even books I check thoroughly! This can help to support your motivation. It can also help to ask your circle of friends what good series and documentaries are. Your choices and behaviors are easily influenced by your environment. Does your best friend like something? Then there is a good chance that you will too.

Look for more information

Documentaries may have more information on the Internet or in books about the topic being discussed. So don’t feel like watching a relatively long docu? Then check to see if there are any books or short videos you can find on the Internet. This shouldn’t be difficult, as cross-media content is hot right now!

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