Oct 29, 2021

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Have a logo created for your business!

Is it time for a new logo? Then there are a few things that are important. You can find out how to get a logo made here!

Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

Why have a logo made?

You can have a logo made because you want to create recognition among your target audience. Because they recognize your logo, your company will stay in their minds. The next time they need a product or service, for example because they are starting a new business, you hope they will think of your company first. A strong logo also ensures that your company radiates professionalism and that your customers feel that they can leave their wishes up to you. Your logo will be used in all your communications, so it is important that it has the right look.

Logo design, but by whom?

In our blog on corporate identity design we have already taken you past several parties. When you want to have a logo made, you will find more or less the same parties. The only major difference with having a corporate identity made is that there is also a lot of software available to make a logo. Therefore, you can also choose to get started with creating your own logo. This software is user-friendly and therefore you come quite a way. Of course, the question remains whether you have the time, inclination and creativity to do this yourself.

What does a logo consist of?


In many logos the basis is formed by the wordmark. This is usually your company name, designed in a certain font. Your logo represents your company and therefore it’s very logical that your company name is central. If you have a logo made, it is very important that you think about what your font represents. Is it professionalism, elegance, playfulness, or luxury?


To give your logo a creative twist, you can choose to use a visual brand in addition to the word mark. This can be a very concrete icon, something your product or service wants to express for example. You can also choose to have a very abstract logo designed. Think for example of a sign that conveys a feeling, but not necessarily something concrete.


If you have a slogan sent with your company, then you can easily include it in your logo. Of course, it is possible that you think that your company name alone does not say enough about what you do with your company. Then a powerful slogan can clarify this message. Make sure your slogan is short but powerful. There is no room for a whole paragraph.

Photo by Laurenz Heymann on Unsplash

Logo inspiration

If you choose to outsource the creation of a logo, it is important that you are prepared to talk to a designer. This person has to design something that is very close to your own personality. Since this designer may not know you yet, you will have to help him or her on your way with some ideas and examples. There are a number of things you can look into beforehand.


As I mentioned above, the word mark of a logo usually consists of central fonts. You have several websites where you can try out fonts/fonts and compare them. Some websites offer fonts for personal use and some websites offer fonts that you can also use commercially. Therefore, pay close attention to what kind of license comes with your font. The most common website is Google Fonts. All fonts you find there are approved for commercial use.


You can also get inspiration for your logo, for example by creating a Pinterest board. Two other useful websites you can use for this are Dribbble and Behance. These are websites where designers post a portfolio of material and where you can get inspired with possible designs. If you are looking for a selection, this can help your designer, because he or she has a good idea of what you have in mind.


Every color radiates something different. Why is it important that you make a conscious choice about which colors to use in your logo. If you have a businesslike image in mind you can use blue for example. If your company is working on sustainability, green might be a better option. This tool will help you put together a suitable color combination. I often use it myself for Maintain Design customers, when designing a logo or corporate identity.

Photo by Walter Lee Olivares de la Cruz on Unsplash