How much do you earn with Spotify?

Spotify is a popular streaming service, but how much do you earn on Spotify? Here you can read how much artists earn on Spotify!

3 min readMar 23, 2022
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Almost everyone has a Spotify account these days, but not everyone posts their own music to the streaming service. Are you planning to and want to know how much income you can expect? Read that and more here!

How can you make money on Spotify?

You can make money by adding music to Spotify. You can’t do this directly with the streaming service yet, but there are music distribution partners you can work with. These can then sit your music for you on Spotify and other services, such as Apple Music.

How much do you earn per Spotify stream?

The most famous artists in the world cannot live on just the money they make from Spotify streams. This is not because they often live luxuriously, but because the amount is low. In fact, the average amount you receive per stream is between €0.0026 and €0.0072 with an average of €0.0034. This means that per 1,000 streams you will earn €3.40.

The exact amount you get depends on several factors. For example, whether your music is played from a free or premium account, how long it has been listened to, the listener’s country and the agreements you have made with your label or distributor.

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Revenue of famous artists on Spotify

The most streamed artist right now is Justin Bieber with 78,116,951 monthly listeners, which makes for a monthly income that is at least between €203,104 and €562,442. This is a high amount, but of course we are now looking at the most streamed artist in the world. If you look more locally at famous artists in the Netherlands, such as Maan, this amount is much lower. The amount she earns at least with 1,555,309 monthly listeners is between € 403.80 and € 11,198.22.

These amounts are of course still not comparable with what you will earn as a beginning artist on Spotify, but at least you get an idea of what these amounts are for famous artists on the streaming service.

It is of course great if you have found a label or distributor and from that collaboration you can actually put your music on Spotify, but it is important to know that it will take a while before you achieve the number of streams where you can actually earn a good income. Want to know more about making money through social media platforms? Then also check Make money with YouTube!