Starting crowdfunding, but how?

Crowdfunding allows you to raise the money you need for your project without spending too much time and energy. Read more here!

3 min readMar 16, 2022
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Crowdfunding is a new way to easily raise money online. This can be for all kinds of projects, but most often it is used for charities. Of course, this is not all you can use crowdfunding for, because nowadays you can find more and more websites for entrepreneurs. Here you will find how you can use crowdfunding for your own projects and business!

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to fund a project or a business. Online you can create a project with a target amount. You can share the link to your page with friends, family and on socials, but often there are people who come across your project and find it worth investing in. Websites created specifically for entrepreneurs and innovative projects are:

The best known website for crowdfunding is GoFundMe. This website is mainly known for crowdfunding projects for charities, such as fulfilling someone’s last wish or to pay for a surgery. However, the website is not limited to this and can also be used for crowdfunding for businesses.

Starting a crowdfunding project

Visit the websites listed above and see which one you think will raise the most. On these you have to fill in your details and often give a description of your project. You give it a title and a description. You also have to fill in your target amount and sometimes they ask for a deadline, so the date you want to collect the amount. And finally, of course, your bank details, the account to which the collected amount is transferred.

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Starting crowdfunding for free

In most cases, starting a crowdfunding project is free. This means that you do not have to spend any money on your project. Most crowdfunding websites keep a part of the collected amount themselves. This is often about 5%. If this is not the case, the investor often charges a certain amount per deposit or per euro. This will not be deducted from your collected money.

Crowdfunding start tips

The most important tip is to look at different crowdfunding websites and check how it works. Each website has its pros and cons. For example, on Kickstarter you only get the money if you have raised at least 100% and Indiegogo keeps 5% of the money collected.

You can start crowdfunding very easily yourself. Log in, create a project and share this project with as many people as possible.