The golden HUSTL tips for traveling!

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Are you an adventurer, do you like challenges and discovering new things? Then read these best travel tips to Hustle!

Why should you travel?

Why should you travel? There are several reasons why travel contributes to your happiness and development. First of all, we all know how relaxing a day away can be: your stress drops to a lower level which gives you more space for yourself. Another reason is that traveling leads to a certain degree of creativity and motivation because you come face to face with new experiences. Just think of the different unfamiliar cultures, people and beautiful landscapes you will encounter. It is new experiences that cause us as humans to develop new ideas and a growth in creativity. Are you used up and still getting little out of your work? Then travel is an effective and relaxing option to consider!

Okay, now we know: so travel offers you peace and inspiration. They are the two factors that everyone can pretty much guess. And that’s why I’m going to tell you another fun fact. One of the best things I find about travel is that it contributes to your personal development. Traveling makes you more confident, more patient, more understanding towards others, more social and it has been proven that it can make you happier too!

And this is not all! Did you know that people who planned their trips a month in advance received the happiest vacations?

Photo by Drif Riadh on Unsplash.

The golden travel tips

Don’t hesitate, but do it!

Always go by your gut and leave all questions aside! You are temporarily in another country, no one cares if you take spontaneous action or if you are still hesitating for 15 minutes about whether you should do something or not. Also, you enjoy your vacation more if you see, do and try things.

Take photos and / or videos

Take moments or take a picture or a video, and not only of the environment, but also of yourself! It’s a great moment to look back on later. But remember, don’t take too many pictures either! It can be overwhelming to sort through them all after your trip (especially if you don’t do anything with them anymore), and you also need to be able to enjoy certain moments without having the urge to take a picture.

Start early

Not only will you avoid fellow tourists, but you won’t have to wait for hours due to crowds and you can even enjoy the sunrise. Plus, you have a whole day ahead of you to go out and discover things if you get up a little earlier.

Do you need something? Ask for it!

If you can’t figure something out, it’s easier to ask for help. Not only is it faster, but chances are it will help you meet new people and make you more social!

And take my word for it, people are much more hospitable than you might think.

Ask for travel tips

Who knows the area better than a local? These people know the city inside out. Often they can give you good tips on indispensable places or offer you something themselves to make your vacation unforgettable.

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash.

Learn the basics of the language

Not everyone can speak English, for example. It can already help you a long way if you can pronounce things like “no,” “thank you,” or “may I ask you something? In addition, you may be able to pick up some words you already recognize or learn the language more easily during your stay in that country.

Take it easy to enjoy your vacation to the fullest

Of course you want to be able to see everything and experience everything, but during your vacation you won’t be able to do all that. You need to take time to observe the world around you and make choices in what you want to visit or see. You will enjoy it more if you take the time to do so.

Take a trip just with yourself

To get to know yourself better, you also need to be alone with yourself. Is your goal besides relaxing also to develop yourself?

Then I recommend you to go alone. You become independent and get to know yourself because now you will be in unfamiliar situations where you can only lean on yourself.

Always visit a local tourism office

They know everything about traveling in the city! They can point out different places, activities and events. Sometimes you get discounts on top of that! Their goal is to get you started, but also to make your experience better. It is definitely recommended that you use this at least once.

Remember that it can be different

After all, you are in another country, which means that you are also introduced to other cultures, which means that you may encounter something that you are not used to. Nothing is ‘wrong’ or ‘weird’. This is one of the most beautiful parts of traveling: you encounter things that you are not used to, which makes you look at the world open-mindedly and with a view of other perspectives.

Digital nomad lifestyle

Are you looking for more than just travel? Do you want to get the most out of it? Then I recommend the digital nomad lifestyle!

What is the digital nomad lifestyle?

Digital nomads are entrepreneurs who want and are able to work anywhere and anytime in the world! From beautiful France to the cold in Russia, as a digital nomad it’s all possible. The Internet becomes your work so that you become location independent and can work more flexibly.

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view around you, but you can also get your inspiration from it! So for these people there are also all kinds of different online business models, think of web developer, copywriter or photographer!



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