The Power of Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

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Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a well-known term in online marketing. Once you know the tips and tricks of this method, nothing or no one can stop you! Do you want to know how SEA works and do you want to end up as high as possible with your ads in the search engines? We will give you the tips you need to make the most of your Search Engine Advertising!

What is Search Engine Advertisement and why should you use SEA?

First we start at the basics: what is SEA and what is it good for? Search Engine Advertising is paid online advertising to obtain a high position in the search engine, usually Google. This is often done through Google Adwords. But you can also do this through Bing, Yahoo, and

You can advertise online in different places:

  • Text ads
  • Image ads
  • Video ads

Text advertising is the most used way in the Netherlands. Want to know more about ads? Check this out!

You choose different keywords and search terms for your ad so that your ad is shown when someone uses one of your terms in the search engine. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad (CPC).

There are also extensions to expand your ad with extra information. SEA is used when you want to get results faster and when you are operating for a profit.

In addition, it is also best used for campaigns with a short time limit or when you are competing in the market. It is a specific goal of yours to make your ads visible to people.

Still not a clear picture about SEA? Here Google explains it again in detail!

The “A” of Advertising

There are different ways to advertise. These ads can be set up more specifically, think for example of the places where the ad may be shown or advertising on certain chosen keywords. We list a number of ways for paid advertising:

Display Ads

Display ads are ads that in addition to text also have images (pictures or videos). Through collaborations between Google and external parties, space is made available for these kinds of ads. There are many possibilities!

Search Ads

Search ads are specially created ads for people searching for your product or service. The difference with display ads, is that search ads are not given on different placements. Search ads are limited to one location.

Microsoft Ads

To increase your reach you can use microsoft ads. Microsoft advertising is a good way to advertise because you create extra reach and the costs are a lot lower. I recommend you to use Microsoft ads if you want to add something extra to your SEA.

Want to go into more depth about SEA? Check out this comprehensive SEA guide!

Google Adwords: a powerful tool

Google Adwords (Google Ads) is the advertising platform for the search engine Google, this is also the most popular search engine because they have conquered about 93% of the market.

To get a place for your ad, there is an auction: this is about the height of the bid, but also the quality of your ad.

So make sure that your search terms and/or keywords have sufficient effectiveness. If you want to find the right search terms and/or keywords, you can use various tools. Think of Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner.

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Google Adwords shows your ads in the search engine and also displays the display ads. This tool can measure all kinds of results like for example the conversion. Another advantage is that the cost of Google Ads is completely determined by you. You never encounter unexpected costs. The costs you incur are the advertising costs and the costs for the person/organization that set up and maintains your ad in case you don’t do this yourself.

Do you want to use Google Adwords? Sign in with your Gmail account and follow a few steps to verify yourself. Google Adwords will then help you further on your way.

Google Analytics: a free tool

How does Google Analytics work? With Google Analytics, you could possibly also capitalize on SEA by being able to track your website results. Most importantly, you can get insights into your traffic. You can see how many visitors come to your website organically and how much that is in relation to total traffic. You can also see on which pages the visitors come the most and for how long (sessions).

It is important to analyze this data and keep it up to date, because with the obtained data you can make choices and possibly respond to the wishes/needs of the visitors. So if you are doing SEA, make sure you also keep track of your website using Google Analytics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays on the keywords, meta description, texts and links of a company to get a good position in Google.

All activities undertaken to obtain a better rank thus contribute to SEO. Are you curious about the opportunities of SEO? Then I recommend you to read our previous blog. It will guide you through the process!

The biggest difference between SEO and SEA is that you pay for SEA in order to rank higher in the search engines while SEO is more organic. Search Engine Optimization is therefore different from Search Engine Advertising.

Some other differences are:

  • SEO is long term compared to SEA.
  • With SEA you get all kinds of insights from Google on what keywords were used and how they found you, this is not the case with SEO
  • SEO is harder to measure than SEA. SEA is focused on keywords and SEO on keywords.
  • Ads by SEA are often more visible than those by SEO. It is very difficult for SEO ads to end on a high position.
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