What is an organizational chart?

An organizational chart is a useful overview of all the employers and employees in a company. This way you know exactly who to reach out to and when!

3 min readFeb 22, 2022
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With an organization chart you can clearly indicate what the organizational structure is within your business. This can be useful for yourself, but also for the staff itself. Here you can read everything you need to know about organization charts.

What is an organization chart of a company?

An organizational chart is a representation of the company structure. It is a drawing with all kinds of lines and boxes. Within large companies these boxes contain the departments, but if you work in a company where everyone knows each other you can also fill in the names of the employees. With the lines you connect the departments or employees. This shows who is in direct contact with each other and to whom responsibility should be given.

Usually an organizational chart looks like a pyramid, but it depends on the size of the company and the hierarchy.


Nowadays there are fewer and fewer companies that have a real hierarchy. In large companies this is often on the basis of department, but in small companies you notice that the distance between employer and employee is getting smaller. Especially young entrepreneurs choose to reduce this distance and treat their employees as ‘equals’.

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How to make an organization chart?

When making an organization chart, it is useful to first make a sketch on paper with an overview of all the people/departments that will be in it. Then you can digitally develop the sketch, but of course you can also do this from the beginning. For the filling in you go through these steps:

  • The shareholders
  • Board of Directors
  • Director / CEO
  • The departments with the name of the board member it belongs to
  • The managers
  • The employees

Once you have added these layers you can also add them to the organization chart. Is everyone in it? Then you can use lines to indicate how the communication goes in the company. Finally you can choose to make the chart more personal by adding pictures.

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Making an organizational chart is actually very easy. If you have an overview of all the people (including function) in the company it is easy to make. Don’t have a clear idea of an organization chart yet? Check out our sample organization chart!