Writing articles, how do you make money with this?

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Writing articles is a perfect way to make money if writing is really for you! Newspapers and books are being replaced by online texts, and therefore this is a promising way for companies to increase their visability, share knowledge and get customers to convert. Often they don’t have the talent or time to do this themselves, leaving gaps that you can fill with your writing talent. In this blog you can read all about writing articles!

Earn money with article writing

Making money with article writing is a pretty simple business model. You write articles and texts for clients and in return you get paid. The amount that copywriters earn can vary a lot. Some get paid per word, others per text and still others per hour. Here one is not professional or better than the other, but often as a regular writer at a company you are paid by the hour and as a freelancer you are usually paid per word or text.

Writing articles from home

Writing articles is something you can easily do from home. You only need your laptop on which you can write and keep in touch with your clients. Writing articles or texts is something many digital nomads choose to do, because you basically don’t need a fixed location where you can work in order to do your job well.

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Writing articles as a freelancer

Writing articles is interesting on a freelance basis. Through your own network or freelance platforms you can get in touch with clients who are often urgently looking for a copywriter to write texts for them. You often get paid per text or word in such cases, but you do have the freedom to set your own rate as a freelancer.

Writing articles is a good way to earn some extra money yourself and help companies in the meantime. As a writer you can also opt for freedom and work from home, but you can also take the plane and go to work as a digital nomad! Want to know more about other business models? Be sure to check out our blogs!



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